Feel Good AF isn’t just our name, it’s our f**king promise.

We have a plan to move your life from survive to thrive by providing the education, products and events you need to take responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health.

Built on the pillars of sleep science, movement, nutrition, and mindfulness, our mission is to provide everyone with the tools it takes to feel their best – in their bodies, minds and hearts. Feel Good AF is a community and a movement for all of those who yearn for something better and are willing to commit to better choices and more happiness.

10 things we love: community, growth, compassion, dreaming, new beginnings, being present, big energy, small changes, being kind, gratitude attitude, dancing and breathing.

10 things we’re cancelling: judgement, making assumptions, negativity, isolating, escalating screen time, old patterns, limiting thoughts, complaining, toxic relationships, sugar.

Founding Story

It’s February of 2019 and our founder Kenneth Paul is nearly 20 years into his corporate broadcasting career and in the midst of meditation. He has a vision of himself on his deathbed, agonizing over the fact he never got out of his comfort zone, professionally and personally. Over the next year, committed to guarding against this fate, he sheds assets to free himself, selling his apartment and car. During this time, he’s pained by the surging U.S. anxiety and depression statistics and commits his experience in messaging and event building to join the fight for happiness and against these harrowing trends.

In April of 2020, as Covid takes hold, he cuts ties with his company and comfort zone, committing his all to build Feel Good AF. The vision is clear from the outset. As wellness brands focus exclusively on the most affluent with their messaging, products and classes, the majority of Americans get left in their wake. The tribal bullshit that divided the country has spilled over to wellness. Most wellness events in the U.S. aren’t inviting to those who haven’t already kickstarted a fitness, personal diet or yoga/spiritual practice.

Feel Good AF is designed to boldly be of service to people who want to take control of their happiness, ultimately making wellness accessible for all.