Morning auto-piloting can quickly amount to starting a day chock full of experiences with anxiety. Do you do any of the following in a zombie-like fashion?

  • Hit snooze 3x
  • 1st action of day is a phone grab to scroll for 5 minutes (which turns into 20)
  • Quickly turn on the radio, a podcast or TV
  • Get food on the road and listen to your trusted radio station(s), playlist or pod
  • Say to yourself, Fuuuuuuuck

Let’s dial down the anxiety, ramp-up the calm and happiness and switch off these auto pilot practices. Try incrementally introducing any of the following Feel Good AF morning routine hacks: 

  • You snooze you lose. Instead of snoozing for 15 minutes, get in bed 15 minutes earlier the night before.  Snoozing does NOTHING for your sleep or restfulness.
  • Say goodbye and find a new home, outside the bedroom, for your phone charger. This will make it easier to keep your phone the fuck out of your bedroom (you can do this!)
  • Personal quiet time is possible now that the phone is out of the bedroom and you’re not scrolling on autopilot. Try using 8 – 15 of these minutes for breathwork. If you’d like a guided experience, we like the Calm app’s morning meditation with Tamara Levitt.
  • Nourish yourself. Save money and control your nutrition with a fast and healthy breakfast at home. If you’re in a rush, oats with fruit and a nut milk, hard-boiled eggs or a smoothie all take less than 5 minutes to make and eat.
  • Shut everything TF up: Take a morning off from content. Start with one day/week, if multiple feels too daunting.

When we begin our days by jumping into work email, turning on a show or not giving ourselves enough time, we begin on everyone’s terms but our own. When we start our days intentionally, we take control of our happiness.