Having trouble resisting your phone when you first wake up?

You put it out of reach in the bedroom and just get up and bring it back to bed, right?

The struggle is fucking real but let’s acknowledge the cost of inaction and a hack around it.

When you check your phone within a few minutes of waking up, you rob yourself of the opportunity to start the day with calm. The auto-pilot scrolling and app-hopping, opening your eyes to a work task-oriented email, jumping back into a text exchange…you’re starting YOUR day on other people’s terms, distracted and pulled away from the person who matters most…you!

We can all agree that self-care beats phone care, right?

Here are five ways to unfuck this morning soul-sucking habit:

  1. Keep your phone out of your bedroom and use your traditional alarm clock to get you up.
  2. Keep your phone out of your bedroom and buy a traditional alarm clock to wake you up.
  3. Put your phone on airplane mode. It won’t distract you while you sleep and it’s a reminder that you’re taking action. But be honest with yourself. If you’re likely to just turn it back on and fall back into this habit, see points 1 and 2.
  4. Substitute scrolling with a meditation practice
  5. Introduce a morning gratitude ritual

If you’re interested in pursuing a gratitude ritual and want a little nudge, pick yourself up a journal from our store, filled with pages of prompts for intention setting and gratitude centering.