• How often do you use the word should and what’s the danger in it?
  • I should go to bed earlier.
  • I should reach out to (insert name) more.
  • I should leave my job.
  • I should workout.

Sound familiar? Words matter and the word “should” can often be deflating and guilt-ridden.  Think about it.  It’s your very own intuition, prompting you to recognize a need for change. The problem here is that this word triggers guilt, anxiety, negative energy and often comes from perceived judgements.

  • 5 reasons to cancel should:
    • It keeps you small
    • It becomes a throwaway statement
    • It calls for action without accountability
    • It can turn into a defeatist mentality
    • Unless someone asks for your opinion, nobody wants to hear what you think they should do

When you commit to changing this language, it’s amazing how much you’ll realize you say it.  Here’s a solid formula to begin replacing “should” with empowering statements:

  • Step 1: Catch yourself
  • Step 2: DO NOT be hard on yourself. This is a time to celebrate your awareness, progress and real-time behavior change. It takes practice.
  • Step 3: Replace should with “I will” or “I’m going to” or give yourself the credit you deserve and say “I do!”
  • Step 4: Immediately create a note/calendar reminder and schedule a personal appointment to take action, once you acknowledge your “should” statement.

This is a great and sobering auto pilot hack.  Andddd…if it’s not something you’re really interested in doing, shifting to “I could” still beats the shit out of “I should.”