Let’s get ahead of the next shocking Netflix doc and have a quick talk about our drinking water.  60% of our body is water and now’s as good a time as ever to think more intentionally about what you’re consuming.

You’ve got your current water bottle and are cutting down on plastic (great job!). Maybe it also   keeps your water super cold…so, all good, right? Here’s why it’s not.  

When we draw water from traditional sources, a mystery remains about the status of old pipes, how the water picks up contaminants along the way and the chemicals used to process community water systems. Even if you have a filtered source at work, it’s likely unknown as to when the filter was last changed and the quality of said filter.

Contaminants and carcinogenic byproducts are abound, from chlorine to metals, minerals like arsenic, radon and uranium and fertilizers, pesticides, sewer overflows, wastewater releases, bacteria and parasites. Fuuuuck, right?

Campylobacter, cryptosporidium and shigella are listed by the CDC amongst the top 10 causes of outbreaks in public water systems.  We don’t know WTF those are but we’re certain we want nothing to do with Campylobacter.

Contaminants in your water can lead to troubling health effects including gastrointestinal and reproductive problems as well as neurological disorders. Infants, young children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems may be especially susceptible.

We know that bottled water isn’t the solution. The process is unregulated and it’s terrible for our lands, oceans and potentially our health. 

FGAF offers our Feel Good Fam a state-of-the-art, worry-free solution. The FGAF filtered water bottle features a hollow fibre membrane that filters out all particles over the size of .1 micron, removing 99.9% of waterborn pathogens (organisms that cause disease). Walk through life with the peace of mind that you can drink, clean, safe and great tasting water from virtually any freshwater source, while saving thousands of plastic water bottles.

Take action, hydrate safely and Feel Good AF.