You might think hitting snooze gives you more rest but not so fast.

Hitting snooze is actually likely to make you more tired throughout the day and if you’re hitting it multiple times per week, there’s likely more at play than meets the eye. Here’s why and some ways to better attain your snooze-tapping goals.  

The Science

Most sleep towards the end of your sleep cycle is REM sleep or dream sleep.  This element of the sleep cycle is restorative sleep.

When you hit snooze, you’re in essence making the choice to abandon this restorative sleep 10 minutes early, disrupting it by literally alarming yourself and resetting the sleep cycle.  By resetting it, if you get back to sleep, it will not be restorative. 

Are you hitting your snooze everyday? Multiple times per morning? This can be a natural habit that simply doesn’t serve your end-goal of better sleep.

Is the primary reason you’re hitting snooze because you’re tired? If so, this is a great time to hit the pause button and redefine how you prioritize sleep. 

  • Five questions to ask yourself
    • Am I getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night?
    • Am I spending time with TV or my phone 30 minutes prior to bed? This keeps your brain in a state of excitement. Bedtime rituals are the new sexy. Replace this screen time with reading, journaling, a bath/shower or some quality time with your partner or pet.
    • When was the last time I tried going to bed earlier?
    • What’s an incremental goal I’ve been thinking about that I can partner and associate with getting out of bed, that’ll motivate me?  Ex: Beginning a workout from home, stretching or meditation routine, making breakfast or just generally having a more leisurely, stress-reduced morning.
    • What’s the least I can do (Spoiler: Place the alarm clock further away/off your nightstand)?

We know that getting less than seven hours of sleep per night contributes to weight gain, cardiovascular risks and increased stress and changes in mood. With a more intentional sleep routine, when the alarm goes off, you’ll more naturally wake up excited to seize the day, making the snooze button a more rare occurrence.